Dear Graduates and Graduands,
Congratulations, you’ve made it!

You’ve reached an important milestone in your life and that is something worth celebrating.

As you prepare to join the workforce, you might be concerned about the current job market. Do not fear, for there are plenty of opportunities for you to seize and make the most out of them.

Take on this challenge to emerge as a better, stronger you! Use this toolkit of resources for:

Career Readiness, Career Guidance, Career Skills, Career Opportunities and Career Focus.

Career Readiness, Career Guidance, Career Skills, Career Opportunities, Career Focus.

The journey to discovering your career begins now!

Career Readiness

Choosing a career is a big life decision. Not sure where to start?
We’ve got you covered with helpful tips below.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Career Guidance

You’ve chosen a career, now what?
Get useful advice and help from industry professionals to kickstart your journey!

"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself."

Career Skills

Want to stand out from the crowd?
Check out these courses to help you level up your career game!

"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but a lifelong attempt to acquire it."

Career Opportunities

The search for a new job begins now! Explore these resources to find everything from temporary to permanent positions on the market.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle."

Career Focus

As you begin your career journey, there are some things worth keeping in mind. Make sure to check out these resources to stay on the right track!

"Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined.
Be hopeful. Be empowered."